Become a QEW representative in your Yearly or Monthly Meeting!

Yearly Meeting Representatives are the crucial link between QEW and Yearly Meetings.  Each representative will bring their own creativity, leadings and passions to their work for QEW, and each approach to the work is valuable to QEW.  Here are some ideas and suggestions:

1.  Connecting with QEW

A.  Attend the two annual Steering Committee Meetings whenever possible.

B. Serve on one QEW committee and one working group:  participate in ad hoc committees as led.

C. Use the web site and list serves to stay connected between meetings.

D. Write articles for BeFriending Creation, especially about  events in your Yearly Meeting

E. We are a Q community of Friends with diverse earthcare interests; ask for and share support and information.

2. Connecting with your Yearly Meeting

A.Attend your Yearly, half and quarterly Meetings.  Seek out Friends with interest in earthcare.  Listen to their concerns and offer support. Build connections.  Become a “face of QEW”.

B. Bring “QEW in a box” for display tables.  Bring trifolds and BeFriending Creation.  Share about our on-line presence.

C. Offer or facilitate earthcare workshops at your Yearly Mtg. Complete reports as requested; bring reports back to QEW about your Yearly Meeting. Offer verbal reports in plenaries.

D. Be sure all your meetings know about QEW Mini Grants.

E. Encourage a line item in your YM budget for QEW.

3. Connecting with Monthly Meetings

A. As you are led, travel to Monthly meetings for QEW workshops.  Lead discussions from tri-folds or BeFriending creation or your own leadings.  Share about QEW’s work. Remember the value of worship sharing about earthcare.

B. Find Monthly Meeting Representatives; encourage and support them.  Invite them to annual QEW Meetings

C. Inform MM reps about ways to order trifolds, use the web site, access the QEW community

4. Take good care of yourself; mind the Light, ask for support. Know that we are all in this for the long haul.

Interested? Contact Mary Jo Klingel (clerk of Outreach) at mjklingelftlq[at] or Shelley Tanenbaum (QEW General Secretary) at shelley[at] for more information!