Pamphlets for Sharing

Earthcare pamphlet

Quaker Earthcare Witness has more than 30 tri-fold and quad-fold pamphlets on a wide range of Earthcare-related issues. You can download the full pamphlet on this site or order printed versions from the QEW Publications office. A full catalog appears in the sidebar of this page.

Click the link of a pamphlet you'd like to view, and you'll be able to read the full text of the pamphlet online. If you want to download the pamphlet to print and use, click the PDF link on the right side of the pamphlet page and the PDF of the pamphlet will open in your browser window so that you can download or print the file.

There is no charge for pamphlets but donations are most welcome to help us cover printing costs and postage and handling expenses.

Do you have an idea for a new pamphlet stirring in your heart and mind? Send your idea to our publications coordinator, and our Publications Committee will consider publishing it!

How to Order Pamphlets for Your Meeting

Would you like to order trifolds for your meeting? Send an email to Hayley and be sure to let us know how many copies of each trifold you want. Include your meeting address, and we'll be in touch before mailing! Thanks.