Introduction to Quaker Earthcare Witness

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Working Together to Build a Sustainable, Life-Enhancing & Spirit-Led Future for All 

"Only when we see that we are part of the totality of the planet, not a superior part with special privileges, can we work effectively to bring about an earth restored to wholeness." - Elizabeth Watson 


Quaker Earthcare Witness is a network of Friends (Quakers) in North America who are taking Spirit-led action to address the ecological and social crises of the world, emphasizing Quaker process and testimonies. 

Our Vision and Witness: 

  • We are called to live in right relationship with all Creation, recognizing that the entire world is interconnected and is a manifestation of God. 

  • We work to integrate into the beliefs and practices of the Religious Society of Friends that Creation is to be respected, protected, and held in reverence in its own right, and the Truth that human aspirations for peace and justice depend upon restoring Earth’s ecological integrity. 

  • We promote these Truths by being patterns and examples, by communicating our message, and by providing spiritual and material support to those engaged in the compelling task of transforming our relationship with Earth. 


QEW's network shares the concern of many mainstream environmental groups that signficant changes are needed in education, technology, legislation, and social structures to protect the planet and its people. We are deeply engaged in this work. 

We know that without a profound transformation in our fundamental relationship with the rest of Creation, there is little chance of averting a major collapse of the systems that support all life on earth, given the destructive powers currently wielded by humans. 

Our Current Work Includes: 

  • Sharing dynamic, up-to-date Earthcare curricula with adults and First Day Schools, 

  • Informing our network about environmental concerns and Friends’ witness through print and online publications, 

  • Advocating for environmental justice and a right relationship with Earth by working in coalitions with allied groups and organizations, 

  • Using our Quaker voice to support indigenous rights and environmental justice, 

  • Amplifying Earthcare through inter-visitation at yearly meetings and Friends’ gatherings, 

  • Funding sustainability projects throughout the world with our Mini-Grant Program, and 

  • Leading an Earthcare Coalition of NGOs from the world-wide African diaspora about food sovereignty, land retention, and access to water, in dialogue with United Nations. 


QEW is a volunteer-led organization that uses Quaker process to guide our work. We invite you to join our network and share some of your time, talent, enthusiasm, and economic support. 

Here are a few ways to participate: 

  • Share your Earthcare ministry with our group, 

  • Become a QEW representative for your Yearly 

  • Start an Earthcare group at your Meeting, 

  • Read and share our newsletter BeFriending 
Creation and other literature, like our pamphlets on key environmental issues and Friends' witness, 

  • Use Quaker Earthcare Witness materials in your First Day School, and 

  • Apply for a Mini-Grant to support a local project. 
Email <> for more info. 


Support QEW by making a tax-deductible contribution online or via mail. 

Give online here or send a check to Quaker Earthcare Witness 
P.O. Box 6787 Albany, CA 94706 


Please contact us with any comments, questions, or items to share! 

Address: P.O. Box 6787, Albany, CA 94706 Phone: 510-542-9606

Twitter: @quakerearthcare