QUNO & Small Farms

Susan Bragdon

Are you a foodie? An urban farmer? Concerned about GMO foods?

QUNO is doing some interesting work in the areas of intellectual property, genetic resources, and food. In February, QUNO hosted a panel discussion that focused on small-scale farms and what they need in order to innovate and manage their operations successfully. Speakers included: Susan Bragdon, QUNO; Shakeel Bhatti, International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture; Isabel Lopez Noriega, Bioversity International; and Antony Taubman, World Trade Organization. The event was moderated by QUNO's Caroline Dommen. If this is an issue close to your heart, read QUNO's 2013 Briefing Note, Small-scale farmers - The missing element in the WIPO-IGC Draft Articles on Genetic Resources to find out more.