2010 Mini-Grant Projects

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As you’ll see from this presentations, meetings apply for QEW Mini-Grants to help fund Earthcare projects of all sorts, from land and water restoration to energy conservation to drip irrigation systems, but they also use the funds to impact their footprint through actions like installing low-flush toilets, getting energy-efficient appliances, and a bike-lending program. You can use your funds to help spread the word, as well, by developing and hosting events, workshops, or a symposium, as Friends this year did.

  • Planning a Friends camp in the mountains
  • Restoring a spring in New Mexico
  • Edible garden in North Carolina
  • Energy conservation class in Iowa
  • Land restoration in Minnesota
  • A new composter for a Friends school in Indiana
  • A bike-lending program in Mexico City
  • Low-flush toilets in New York
  • Green roof for a meeting house in Illinois
  • Drip irrigation system in New Jersey
  • New Energy Star refrigerators for meetings in New Hampshire and Pennsylvania
  • Symposium on vision and energy conservation at a Friends school in Ohio
  • Solar energy project in Maryland

Watch the slide show to learn more and see pictures of the projects. Please feel free to share this slideshow as you are so led. You never know what project you might inspire!