Leadings and Concerns

earthTHERE IS NO LIMIT to the number of topics that are regarded as critical to the global crisis in ecological sustainability. We're contemplating our relationship to the whole Earth, in which everything is interrelated.

Many of the interests and concerns that are brought to Quaker Earthcare Witness by individual members may not be addressed through appointed interest groups, yet they may be nurtured through informal meetings and communications. Sometimes these discussions will find expression in QEW pamphlets or articles in BeFriending Creation or the Quaker Eco-Bulletin.

Sometimes an emerging concern engages enough individuals that the group is formally recognized by QEW. Other appointed interest groups may be laid down if participation wanes through turnover in the makeup of QEW membership.

Please browse through the pages in this area of the site to find more information about areas of special concern to you. We also invite you to join the QEW Discussions group to hear more and have conversations about these vital needs for our planet.