2013 Young Adult Friends Gathering

For the second year in a row, QEW is sponsoring the Young Adult Friends Conference, Continuing Rev_l_tion, at Pendle Hill, June 14 - 19 2013. Last year QEW was able to contribute $2000 to the costs of the 2012 gathering. Thirty young adults from around North America participated. The focus of the gathering was ministry, earthcare and nonviolent social action. As one young participant said "I have a fervent belief that our world has to change drastically. I would like to find how my faith as a Quaker and my spirituality with this earth can inform the way I live and walk on our planet."

QEW planted the seed for the 2012 YAF conference, and QEW Steering Committee member, Emily Higgs, was the conference coordinator. Emily will be coordinating the 2013 gathering as well. QEW has already sent $2000 for the 2013 YAF conference and is seeking your support for an additional $2000 for this initiative. Your financial support will cover program costs, guest workshop leaders honoraria, and support those participants who are unable to pay all of their conference fees. Shelley Tanenbaum, QEW clerk will participate for the duration of the conference as a program ally and QEW mentor for the participating young adults.

QEW's participation in this Young Adult Friends initiative will support the spiritual and vocational journeys of the participants and will also highlight QEW's importance to Friends in North America, as well as attract younger and more diverse supporters - one of QEW's priorities!

Please consider contributing $50, $100, or whatever you can afford to this initiative.

More information and registration details are available on the pendle hill website. If you have questions about the conference please contact Emily Higgs at ehiggs@pendlehill.org.

We look forward to reporting back to you on this initiative in the fall.

Thank you.

Anne Mitchell, General Secretary