Living Our Testimonies

Friends believe that the congruence of inward leadings and outward action is an important part of daily faith practice, and so living out our testimony is vital to a vibrant, deepening faith. Throughout history, Friends who lived their testimonies brought light, healing, justice, and new possibilities into dire situations, and in this moment in our Earth’s life, we feel Friends have much to offer in sharing and modeling care for our planet.

In this Section

This section of our website shares stories we hope will inspire you as you seek to live out the leadings you are receiving around your own care for Earth and your involvement in current environmental concerns. You can also explore more about the idea of being in “right relationship” with Earth, learn about QEW Mini Grants for Earthcare projects in your own meeting, and find tips to help you learn and share good Earthcare practices.

Advice for These Times


TWO OF MY RECENT READS have made a strong impression on me as I ponder how I as an individual and how Quaker Earthcare Witness as an organization can best use our resources in these times. Van Jones succinctly sums up the two opposing world views we seem to be facing: “Is it ‘We are all in this together’ or ‘Each individual is on their own to get what they can’?”

The quarterly journal of Quaker Earthcare Witness.

Bringing Light to the Dark

Photo of Berta Caceres

ONE OF THE MORE POIGNANT things to have affected my earthcare work was 2016’s QEW table and display, which had a darker element than in the past as it focused attention on those who have been killed for their involvement in environmental justice. We created a display for bringing light to this very dark side of Earthcare. The display held data and resources and was a small memorial to some of those who had been killed. It was not intended to list everyone as those who were there were representative of the others. It was a quiet witness. It came to be thus…

The quarterly journal of Quaker Earthcare Witness.

A Call for More Radical Witness

Standing Rock = Radical Witness

“THERE’S A CALL, from both within and beyond FCUN, for a more radical witness.” That’s the first sentence of an article I wrote twenty years ago for BeFriending Creation. What was true for the Friends Committee on Unity with Nature in 1996 holds true again for the same organization, now Quaker Earthcare Witness.

The quarterly journal of Quaker Earthcare Witness.