Living Our Testimonies

Friends believe that the congruence of inward leadings and outward action is an important part of daily faith practice, and so living out our testimony is vital to a vibrant, deepening faith. Throughout history, Friends who lived their testimonies brought light, healing, justice, and new possibilities into dire situations, and in this moment in our Earth’s life, we feel Friends have much to offer in sharing and modeling care for our planet.

In this Section

This section of our website shares stories we hope will inspire you as you seek to live out the leadings you are receiving around your own care for Earth and your involvement in current environmental concerns. You can also explore more about the idea of being in “right relationship” with Earth, learn about QEW Mini Grants for Earthcare projects in your own meeting, and find tips to help you learn and share good Earthcare practices.

For the Love of the Land

The farmland in central New York

I’VE LOVED THIS bit of land for over fifty years. Coming up over the hill, my heart always opens anew to the jewel of a valley spread out below, part of the rolling farmland and woodlots of central New York state. My father bought an old farm here in the ‘60s, preparing for a job move that didn’t work out. But my family loved the land. The old farmhouse became a focal point for a group of young adult Friends—New Swarthmoor—a gathering and landing place as we attempted to shape lives that aligned with our deepest Quaker values. Our community loved the land.

The quarterly journal of Quaker Earthcare Witness.

Apply for a QEW Mini-Grant

Friends, Our Mini-Grant Program is on hiatus, so please save your application for a later date. It's good news though! We've reallocated the money to help us build a new website to better serve Friends and are working on raising funds for both our new site and more mini-grant funding. Please check back here later in 2020 for updates.