External Resources

QEW Display: Fossil Free Friends

Use the files on this page to download, print, and assemble a display on the topic of Friends and divestment. Our display includes BeFriending Creation, Volume 26, Number 6, which was guest edited by Paula Kline of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting and Tom Jackson, of Dover Friends Meeting.

Use the photo on the right for suggestions on how you might arrange the information on the display board.

And be sure to email Katherine and request pamphlets to go along with your display!

QEW in a Box: Outreach Resources

QEW in a Box is a collection of resources you can download and have printed for a tabletop display you create for any outreach opportunity. Use these resources for a table at your Meetinhouse, at your yearly meeting gathering, at a quarterly meeting, or at another event where Friends will be gathered. 

For a great table display, we recommend:

  • Using a tablecloth (dark green is a nice color for our materials)
  • Bringing a clipboard with a pen attached with a string. Print out the Sign-up Form. When Friends have signed up for more information about QEW, take a picture of the sign-up form and email to info@quakerearthcare.org or mail it to Quaker Earthcare Witness at P.O. Box 6787 in Albany, CA 94706 and we'll enter them into our database.
  • Printing the "Intro to QEW Poster" at your local printshop on foam core. It can be a big poster at 20 x 30", but you can also do a smaller version depending on your space.
  • Also ask your local printshop (or library) to print color copies of the "Intro to QEW brochure." You can print it on your home printer, but it looks better from a printshop. 
  • Choose a few of your favorite Quaker Earthcare Witness pamphlets to include on your table. We have a lot to offer, so pick which pamphlets could best speak to your community. 

Another helpful outreach resource is the QEW Toolkit. Download it here