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In the last few decades, some social scientists studying organizations have recognized that organizations are healthiest when they embrace a bit of unpredictability.
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Damita Hicks is a Bahai artist living in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Her paintings center on Mama A’free’ca, Nature, and racial unity.
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Quaker Earthcare Witness encourages and supports Friends groups, meetings, and organizations that are looking for ways to enhance their practical and spiritual relationship with Earth.
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ONE OF THE MOST important lessons I learned when working in sustainable development overseas is to listen to the people most impacted by the problems to appropriately co-create viable solutions.
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MY BANK ACCOUNT looked good after I received my Economic Impact Payment of $1200 this spring.
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GEORGE LAKEY, lifelong civil rights activist, and Friend, hosted “Young and Old for Climate Justice: A Dialog” at Quaker Center in Ben Lomond, CA this January.
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HOW DO WE ensure a future on Earth for humans and other creatures? Three recent reports analyze solutions to climate change that meet the ambition of the Paris Agreement.
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Considering Limits to Human Population Size
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“To forget how to dig the earth and to tend the soil is to forget ourselves,” Gandhi said.
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Permaculture is said to be “the art of designing beneficial relationships.” Permaculture is a design science rooted in the observation of natural systems, the wisdom of traditional farming methods,
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I’VE LOVED THIS bit of land for over fifty years.
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THIS STORY STARTS with Hurricane Maria and our Central Philadelphia Monthly Meeting’s decision to select Casa Pueblo as the beneficiary for our 12th month charitable giving.
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IN JULY, Renewable Juneau launched a new project called Juneau Carbon Offset Fund (JCOF).
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FOR 60 OF MY 65 YEARS I lived in Seattle and Portland, surrounded by snow-capped mountains and lush forests.
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Alan Wright and Paula Kline first took students to the Mexican Cloud Forest in 2003.
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ARTHUR MORGAN SCHOOL and Celo Monthly Meeting recently hosted  Southern Appalachian Young Friends (SAYF) for their annual retreat here.
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THE TERM "SUSTAINABILITY" came into fashion with the modern environmental movement, particularly after the 1992 UN Earth Summit.
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Friends groups and Monthly and Yearly Meetings all over North America share a concern for the rights of indigenous peoples.
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THE OVERWHELMING MAJORITY of the world's professional climatologists now agree that human activities—mainly through the industrialized world's release of carbo
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Criteria for QEW Mini-Grant Project AwardsQEW Mini-Grants support Quaker projects having a primary purpose of benefiting the environment and/or promoting environmental awareness and e