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Created 02/27/2020 - 14:37 Article
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The Earth is UsBy Mary Ann Iyer
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“A touchstone transcends any one religion, thought, or spiritual tradition and serves as a guide.
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THE  FIRST  TREE  that beckoned me silently, long ago, was a sapling on the far side of a lawn.
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IN THE MEADOW, I gave thanks beside a beech tree. Sunset neared after a beautiful day with Swarthmoor Area Meeting of Southwest Cumbria, England.
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ON JULY 10, 2019 Lorenz Nehma told the story of the Yazidi people, a religious minority in the Iraqi/Syrian region, during the Quaker Earthcare Witness side event at the United Nations High Level P
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THIS SUMMER at the Friends General Conference Gathering’s Earthcare Center, I spoke on  “Transformative Earthcare: 18th-century Benjamin Lay for Today.” I shared how this third-generation Quaker li
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I HAD NO idea Iowa was so beautiful. My apologies to Iowans, but I just never thought about it.
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SOMETHING SPECIAL happened at the March 2019 Friends World Committee on Consultation Section of the Americas meeting.
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“What do you envision for the future?” Joanna Macy—Buddhist eco-philosopher, scholar of deep ecology and systems theory—asked me last night, over a dinner of orange yams and tofu and lemon broccoli
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I’VE JUST FINISHED reading Climate: A New Story by Charles Eisenstein and am so moved by the wisdom I found between the covers.
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ENVIRONMENTAL resilience- building at its best reflects nature’s magnificent, layered interconnectedness.
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by Louis CoxDO YOU SWEAR that the testimony you are about to give is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you God?...
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OVER THE YEARS, Quaker Earthcare Witness has projected its work as drawing from the very taproots of Quakerism.
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QEW's PROGRAMS and publications stem from a conviction and consciousness that the global crisis of ecological sustainability is at root a spiritual crisis.
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(from a Quaker Earthcare Witness pamphlet, Friends, Slavery, and the Earth, by Lisa Lofland Gould)
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WHAT BETTER WAY to start off the Global Climate Action week in San Francisco than to participate in an indigenous-led water ceremony at the time of the new moon.
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WE CAN’T FULLY ADDRESS A TRANSITION from fossil fuels to renewables without limiting fossil fuel extraction.
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WHAT RESONATES FOR ME as the central experience of the First Nation – Farmer Climate Unity March? Broken relationships and beginning to learn what is required to move into healing.
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ON SATURDAY, JULY 28, I joined about 30 Friends from five New England states at the gates of the recently opened Salem Harbor Station, a natural gas (methane) power plant on the coast of Massachuse
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Read the introduction to the Quaker Pathways Forward – Rekindling the Fire of Fox community of pr