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For over twenty years Quaker Earthcare Witness has evolved and developed a way of doing its business.
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Fayetteville Arkansas Quakers Create Native Plant Garden for Ozark Natural Science Center
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This past June was the hottest June on record, ever. This July was the hottest month ever recorded. 
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ON SEPTEMBER 20, three days before the United Nations Climate Summit in New York City, young people and adults will strike all across the US and world to demand transformative action be taken to ad
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Emma is a lifelong Quaker from La Paz, Bolivia.
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Quaker Earthcare Witness
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Webinar Invitation: Quakers Coming Together to Care for the Earth, July 29Throughout 2018 several public Friends came together via video conference calls
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“The first peace, which is the most important, is that which comes within the souls of people when they realize their relationship, their oneness with the universe and all its powers, and when they
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The WATER: RECONNECTING THE PEOPLE OF AFRICAN DESCENT, UN HIGH LEVEL POLITICAL FORUM 2019 SIDE EVENT is posponed for this year, originally planned for July 16, 2019.
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Robin Wall Kimmerer (Braiding Sweetgrass, 2014) suggests humans can restore natural landscapes as a gift to Earth in exchange for the gifts nature provides to humans.
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AS THE TWIN CITIES Friends Meeting Fellowship Committee, we were excited about the Quaker Earthcare Witness  Spring  Steering Committee meeting  here  in mid-April.  We have long felt that food and
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QEW is the largest network of Friends working on earthcare today. We work to inspire spirit-led action toward ecological sustainability and environmental justice.
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This July (2019) we are bringing together leaders of African descent who are working in our communities on the issues of water and food sovereignty for a meeting at U.N.
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The Earthcare Witness Toolkit is a collection of resources designed to help you learn about Earthcare concerns, discern your own leadings in specific Earthcare areas, reduce consumption, save energ
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Several QEW Friends have been guests on Northern Spirit Radio, an online media organization with this stated mission: "NSR promotes
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Is tender care of Earth a growing concern in your meeting? Are you looking for ways to nurture reflection and action in your meeting that will inspire better care of our planet?
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Click here to apply!
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Quaker Earthcare Witness has updated our Earthcare for Children curriculum to help our children ages 5 - 12 walk gently over God’s Earth  through interactive and fun activities.
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Yearly Meeting Representatives are the crucial link between QEW and Yearly Meetings.  Each representative will bring their own creativity, leadings and passions to their work for QEW, and each appr
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Participants at a 1987 Friends General Conference Gathering workshop, led by Bill and Alice Howenstine, collectively formulated the following epistle: