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Created 06/29/2017 - 09:58 Article
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Quaker Earthcare Witness has updated our Earthcare for Children curriculum to help our children ages 5 - 12 walk gently over God’s Earth  through interactive and fun activities.
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We welcome your leadings, inspirations, and articles as part of the ongoing effort of QEW publications!
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Please read and share New York Yearly Meeting's March 2018 newsletter, Spark, featuring guest editor Pamela Boyce Simms.
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QEW is the largest network of Friends working on Earthcare today. We work to inspire spirit-led action toward ecological sustainability and environmental justice.
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DO YOU KNOW who is your Yearly Meeting representative to Quaker Earthcare Witness?
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Friend Alan Burns shares a reflection on his faithful path toward creating a dynamic website that he updates regularly with climate news from around the world, 
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WHEN JIMMY CARTER ASKED scientist Charles Keeling for advice in 1978 on what the government should do about climate change, Keeling said that the problem was far too complicated for people to under
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TORONTO MONTHLY MEETING’S Peace and Social Action Committee has supported the work of ClimateFast, a Canadian climate action group, since its inception in 2012.
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Click here to apply!
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Dear Friend,If you are one of the many supporters who have already donated to Quaker Earthcare Witness this year, thank you for giving us the means to continue this vital work.
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ON SEPTEMBER 30TH, former campers, counselors, and others long associated with Baltimore Yearly Meeting’s Catoctin Quaker Camp marked the 60th anniversary of the residential summer camp located som
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FRIENDS COMMITTEE on Unity with Nature (FCUN) was born in 1987 at the Friends General Conference gathering plenary.
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A LARGE GULF EXISTS between those who understand the magnitude of the environmental crisis we are facing and those who, willfully or not, remain unaware and disengaged. 
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Is tender care of Earth a growing concern in your meeting? Are you looking for ways to nurture reflection and action in your meeting that will inspire better care of our planet?
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Information and Action Addressing Public Policy for an Ecologically Sustainable WorldBack Issues of Quaker Eco-Bulletin in pdf format*
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Do you have a great idea for an Earthcare project you want to do with your Monthly Meeting or other Friends group? Apply for a QEW Mini-Grant!
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QEW has two new pamphlets on climate change: "Talking About Climate Change: A Practical Guide" and
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Highlights from the Earthcare Center at Friends General Conference Annual Gathering July 2017 Niagara University, Niagara, New York
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The Earthcare Witness Toolkit is a collection of resources designed to help you learn about Earthcare concerns, discern your own leadings in specific Earthcare areas, reduce consumption, save energ
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PERHAPS, IF WE HAD ASKED THEM, our grandchildren could have told us before we came here to Friends House what benefits we would accrue by moving out of the big family home to a small apartment.