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Created 04/07/2017 - 15:01 Article
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QEW is the largest network of Friends working on earthcare today. We work to inspire spirit-led action toward ecological sustainability and environmental justice.
Created 02/24/2021 - 15:13 Article
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The intersection between environmental justice and racial justice is a busy one.
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We asked QEW members to share their favorite books. Happy reading! Books to Read for These Times:
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“If we’re going to Build Back Better, we need to do better.
Created 12/02/2020 - 13:32 Article
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Most Friends are careful stewards of our environment. Indeed, more than half of Yearly Meetings have added “Stewardship” (or the equivalent) to their short list of Testimonies.
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During Monday’s “Morning Edition,”
full of the world’s sound and fury,my ninety-five-year-old
Appalachian mother called:“The news from White Oak is

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THE STORY OF redwood renewal through fire gives me hope in a world gone mad with doom and gloom.
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QEW has grants available for Quaker projects that have the primary purpose of benefiting the environment and/or promoting environmental awareness and education among Friends and the larger spirit-l
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“IT’S LIKE PEELING an onion: layer after layer of pandemics and it all makes you cry,” shares Beverly Ward.
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THIS YEAR, I started a garden at a local farm.
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South Toe Mutual Aid is an organization of people in the South Toe/Celo, North Carolina area who are collaborating in a variety of activities with intent to strengthen our community’s capacity to m
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Dear Friends, 
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EVERY YEAR WE Friends ask ourselves, “How has truth fared for Thee?” It is a way of refreshing ourselves, of self-evaluating personally and in our Meetings.
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For over twenty years Quaker Earthcare Witness has evolved and developed a way of doing its business.
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March 25, 2020Dear Friends,We wanted to reach out to you during this stressful and strange time.
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THE MOST RECENT Conference of the Parties (COP), held in Madrid, Spain in December, appeared to balance the Paris Climate Agreement of 2015 on a knife’s edge, a sharpened knife’s edge.
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“That’s good enough to try,” and “It’s good enough for experimentation,” are phrases often heard in organizations that use Quaker process-derived, sociocratic governance and decision-making.
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MANY, MANY YEARS ago, after having a deep-felt conversation with my father, who wanted to blindly trust his government, I gave him Cadillac Desert by Marc Reisner.
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Is tender care of Earth a growing concern in your meeting? Are you looking for ways to nurture reflection and action in your meeting that will inspire better care of our planet?