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Created 02/21/2019 - 14:28 Article
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ON CHRISTMAS EVE I went out with my in-laws to church service in upstate New York.
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Created 06/01/2017 - 16:23 Article
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SOMETIMES IT MAKES MORE SENSE to review an author than a book. This is the case with Cynthia Barnett, an environmental journalist who has spent years studying water.
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Cynthia Barnett, the author of three books focused on water: Rain: A Natural and Cultural History, Blue Revolution: Unmaking America’s Water Crisis, and Mirage: Florida and the Vanishi
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MEMBERS OF QUAKER EARTHCARE WITNESS and Friends from across the country marched together at the People’s Climate March on April 29 in Washington, D.C. alongside 200,000 people.
Created 03/22/2017 - 18:12 Article
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“I didn’t set out to make a film,” says Andy Burt, the creator and director of the new documentary film, Down to Earth: Climate Justi
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HOW DO PEOPLE BECOME ACTIVISTS? Are they born that way? How does continuing revelation come into play?
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Dear Quaker Earthcare Witness,