Earthcare Center at Friends General Conference Gathering

Monday, June 28, 2021 - 16:30 to Friday, July 2, 2021 - 18:00

Quaker Earthcare Witness Gathering Workshops
4:30-6pm Eastern June 28-July 2

Join us each afternoon during Friends General Conference's annual gathering for five engaging workshops with Friends. 

Monday: Coming Together, Sharing Wisdom

As we are (hopefully) adjusting to a more post-pandemic world, this workshop invites us to look back and look forward.  We may ask what we have learned, what do we need to strive for and how have our relationships changed – both to the Earth and to one another?  Using the testimonies as a framework, we will be encouraged to seek our paths forward, mindfully, gratefully.   Mary Jo Klingel, Clerk of Quaker Earthcare Witness

Tuesday: Activism, Prayer and Indigenous Allyship

Alaska Friends have joined the Gwich'in Nation in their all-out effort to protect Iizhik Gwats'an Gwandaii Goodlit (the Sacred Place Where Life Begins), the coastal plain of the Arctic Refuge, from oil and gas development.  We do this with humility, recognizing that a number of Inupiat people, who are also closely connected to these lands, do support oil and gas development.  How do we walk this line? Alaska Friends are committed to right relations with Indigenous peoples and have taken multiple steps, in other regards as well. This session will be a chance to share what we are learning.   Jan Bronson, Assistant Clerk of Alaska Friends Conference

Wednesday:  Environmental Justice in a Rapidly Changing World

This year, we are at an important juncture with regard to climate change and ecological collapse. The Story has gotten both more hopeful and more critical. Ecological crises are magnifying and happening more rapidly than predicted. At the same time, people are waking up to the crises, technology has caught up and we are starting to evolve our relationship with nature. Environmental injustice is holding us back - We have a history of using primarily BIPOC communities as dumping grounds for pollution, toxics and degraded landscapes. Join us to explore our changing world view - we are all related. Beverly Ward, Field Secretary for Earthcare, Southeastern YM, and Shelley Tanenbaum, General Secretary, Quaker Earthcare Witness

Thursday: Listening to Trees... and Spirit

In this time when so many people are disconnected from the natural world, when science is giving plenty of facts about the world changing around us but few are listening, how can we reconnect with the earth and each other? How can we listen to our human and beyond-human kin, listen with our hearts, our bodies, our souls? Stories, poems, and metaphors invite knowledge that is deeper than the brain, reaching into the heart, emotions, body, and soul. They encourage connections that span across distances, time, even to other realms or layers of the spirit world. In this workshop, Cai Quirk will share their own poems and writings which invite us into places of deep listening to the natural world, and worship sharing. We invite you to join from a place where you can see nature, whether that is a tree outside your window, a plant on your table, or being somewhere immersed in nature (you may join by phone if you wish). Cai Quirk 

Friday: Non-Violent Direct Action: Resisting the Line 3 Pipeline in Minnesota

A Panel discussion with Friends who have spent time being present and participating in non-violent direct action in northern Minnesota. This is in response to a call from the Anishinaabe community for supporters to join them. Line 3 crosses Minnesota; the proposed rebuilt pipeline would carry twice as much tarsands crude across sensitive wetlands, including crossing the Mississippi River twice. We will hear from Friends who were on site in February and other Friends who recently joined the Treaty Peoples Gathering in early June.   Andrea Beane, Cherice Bock, Kirstin Becker, Buffy Curtis and others.

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