QEW at the People's Climate March, Sept 21, 2014

Engage and Connect

Connecting with others who share our leadings and concerns can make all the difference between feeling overwhelmed by today's environmental challenges and being a part of a growing community working for positive change. QEW brings together Friends and caring souls from all over North America who are seeking to live in right relationship with all of creation and aspiring for the peace and justice that will result when the earth's ecological integrity is restored.

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Become a part of this good work by learning more about QEW on our website and through our many publications; by sharing your stories and experiences in our QEW discussions groups; and by finding out about upcoming Friends gatherings, at Yearly Meetings, Monthly Meetings, and Friends General Conference.

Building a Community for Change

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WHAT DO YOU DO when you are led to reach out about climate change, but you don’t know who else in your community cares about it? Last September, Medford Meeting in New Jersey co-hosted an all-day climate change film festival with the Pinelands Preservation Alliance, a local environmental powerhouse.  More than 65 people attended, and we met many people who were grateful for the chance to meet and talk about climate change.  

The quarterly journal of Quaker Earthcare Witness.

Concrete Next Steps Friends Can Take to Address Climate Disruption

Here's a list of helpful suggestions of effective steps we, as individuals, households, meetings, and communities, can take to address climate disruption created by Quaker Earthcare Witness' Sustainability, Faith & Action Working Group. Many of these suggestions are based on the work of Paul Hawken and his team of scientists, in their book DRAWDOWN and their website, www.drawdown.org.

Here are suggestions you could implement now: 


Reduce Food Waste 

Earthcare for Children

Quaker Earthcare Witness has updated our Earthcare for Children curriculum to help our children ages 5 - 12 walk gently over God’s Earth  through interactive and fun activities. In the lessons, we will experience the Earth as our home, see how we share our home with God’s creatures, and learn how we can behave in caring ways for our world. 

Please download and share the resource available below. Download individual chapters or the entire book, all available as printable PDFs. 

How is this resource working for you and your community?