QEW at the People's Climate March, Sept 21, 2014

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Connecting with others who share our leadings and concerns can make all the difference between feeling overwhelmed by today's environmental challenges and being a part of a growing community working for positive change. QEW brings together Friends and caring souls from all over North America who are seeking to live in right relationship with all of creation and aspiring for the peace and justice that will result when the earth's ecological integrity is restored.

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Become a part of this good work by learning more about QEW on our website and through our many publications; by sharing your stories and experiences in our QEW discussions groups; and by finding out about upcoming Friends gatherings, at Yearly Meetings, Monthly Meetings, and Friends General Conference.

What is up for QEW in 2017

Shelley Tanenbaum Presents on Standing Rock

QEW PLANS AND PROJECTS are well underway or about to be launched as we face rapidly changing earthcare politics and policies in 2017. We are excited about this upcoming work and at the same time remain committed to responding accordingly to events as they unfold this year. Some of our 2017 projects are:

The quarterly journal of Quaker Earthcare Witness.

Sacred Stone, Clean Water, Gathering People

Illustration  by Ernesto  Yerena

The gathering at Standing Rock, with more than 280 indigenous tribes represented, is historic and has been an inspiration to all of us. The ongoing gathering is being held to block construction of the Dakota pipeline that threatens water resources for the Lakota Sioux and everyone else in the Missouri River basin of the Dakotas. Plans are to stay all winter, stopping the pipeline and protecting the waters nearby. For information and suggestions on how you can help, consult www.sacredstonecamp.org.

The quarterly journal of Quaker Earthcare Witness.