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Quaker Earthcare Witness is different from organizations that come from a purely environmental standpoint in that we seek to improve our relationship with Earth by living out right relationship with all of creation. We feel that a spiritual need rests at the heart of our current environmental crises and that by applying Friends’ ways and testimonies, we can bring a voice of connection, reflection, deepening, and right action to today’s environmental concerns.

In this Section

This section of our website offers ideas and inspiration for Friends and caring others who want to deepen their spiritual understanding and practice in relation to their care of Earth. Here you can learn more about Friends’ ways and practices, explore ideas around eco-spirituality, find tools that can help you deepen your own spiritual connection with Earth, and find out more about the 5 Purposes.

Awaking Across the Branches of Friends

Shelley Tanenbaum, Adrian Halverstadt, and Cherice Bock share at the FWCC-Section of the Americas gathering.

SOMETHING SPECIAL happened at the March 2019 Friends World Committee on Consultation Section of the Americas meeting. Friends from across the branches of the Religious Society of Friends came together to express our love for the land and our dedication to environmental justice, with each of us grounded in spirit along our own path.

The quarterly journal of Quaker Earthcare Witness.

An Easter Reflection

Supermoon from San Rafael, CA. Photo: Kathy Barnhart.

“What do you envision for the future?” Joanna Macy—Buddhist eco-philosopher, scholar of deep ecology and systems theory—asked me last night, over a dinner of orange yams and tofu and lemon broccoli. Every time I visit her in her Berkeley home, she feeds me these bright orange yams, grown not far from here. We were sitting at her round, wooden kitchen table, where so many powerful conversations have occurred.

The quarterly journal of Quaker Earthcare Witness.

A Story of Interbeing: A Book Review of Climate: A New Story By Charles Eisenstein

I’VE JUST FINISHED reading Climate: A New Story by Charles Eisenstein and am so moved by the wisdom I found between the covers. Eisenstein critiques the climate movement, arguing that the reliance on numbers, such as 350, facts, and data will not bring about the changes that are needed to slow down the disasters that we face today. His reasoning will be familiar to you since we’ve been talking for decades about the interconnections of caring for people and all that lives on the planet.

The quarterly journal of Quaker Earthcare Witness.