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Quaker Earthcare Witness is different from organizations that come from a purely environmental standpoint in that we seek to improve our relationship with Earth by living out right relationship with all of creation. We feel that a spiritual need rests at the heart of our current environmental crises and that by applying Friends’ ways and testimonies, we can bring a voice of connection, reflection, deepening, and right action to today’s environmental concerns.

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This section of our website offers ideas and inspiration for Friends and caring others who want to deepen their spiritual understanding and practice in relation to their care of Earth. Here you can learn more about Friends’ ways and practices, explore ideas around eco-spirituality, find tools that can help you deepen your own spiritual connection with Earth, and find out more about the 5 Purposes.

What to Do While You Wait for Your Earthcare Leading


ON THE DAY that my new meeting found out that I am a member of Quaker Earthcare Witness, one of the men from the meeting approached me to talk. He asked about QEW. Soon he began to speak about his own feelings and his fears for his three young children and their future. He said he just does not know what to do.

I have heard that heartfelt cry so often from Friends. I think we miss how much we can all do while we are waiting for our big work, our leading for the earth. Here are some suggestions for what to do right now.

First, start where you are. 

The quarterly journal of Quaker Earthcare Witness.

Earth Prayer

Divine Creator, Spirit in All Things,
Your kingdom is Here, and Now.

Your creativity is manifest everywhere I look on this heavenly Earth.
Nourish us Body and Soul in this earthly Paradise.

Forgive us for not noticing, for overlooking, the tiny, the subtle,
The seemingly insignificant beauty in your Creation.
And teach us how to forgive those who would harm your Great Works.

Make our Loving attention constant.
Deliver us from Ingratitude.
For You are our perfect Guide through the Delights of our sacred Home.

The quarterly journal of Quaker Earthcare Witness.

Journey to the End

J.T. Digging Potatoes

IN JULY 2009, I had things pretty well figured out. I had, after six years of on-and-off study, achieved a Bachelor of Science degree in nursing. I had been hired into a new-graduate program, an increasingly rare opportunity in the post-financial-crisis economy, at a nearby hospital. I was elated.

The quarterly journal of Quaker Earthcare Witness.