BeFriending Creation

Quarterly newsletter of Quaker Earthcare Witness

Volume 33, Number 4
October-November-December 2020

What astonishing times these are—taking to the street and quarantining at home. Perhaps we are finally seeing the depth of American willfulness, avarice, and arrogance as we are stopped cold by a pandemic. Perhaps we can finally understand that both blame and victimization are toxins as we look at American treatment of the “other,” of Black people, of other racial and ethnic groups, of gender diverse people, of women and, perhaps most tragically for our future, the treatment of our Earth.

It is OK to feel angry and betrayed. It is OK to feel sad and to grieve. It is OK to feel lonely and resentful. It is most OK to need comfort and to ask what brings you comfort.

It is OK to love the small things. The new leaf on my Christmas cactus on the kitchen window sill brings a little beam of joy every morning even on days when I cannot imagine joy at all.

Even now, there is poetry and there is music. This morning I have been humming the chorus to a song by Gordon Bok called “Turning Toward the Morning.” Today it is my gift to you.

Oh, my Joanie, don’t you know that the stars are swingin’ slow

And the seas are rollin’ easy as they did so long ago.

If I had a thing to give you I would tell you one more time

That the world is always turnin’ toward the morning.

Mary Jo Klingel
Clerk, Quaker Earthcare Witness