BeFriending Creation

Quarterly newsletter of Quaker Earthcare Witness

Volume 32, Number 3
July-August-September 2019

SIXTY FRIENDS loaded onto a school bus in the heat of an Iowa summer to visit Jim and Kathy Kessler’s 30 acres of restored prairie and oak savannah. For two decades, the Kesslers have worked daily to bring back the native flora and fauna, a labor of love and faithfulness. I felt so hopeful on the land. You could see the earth healing. 

This issue of BeFriending Creation touches on stories of home and loss. All of us are going to lose something dear to us because of this climate reality—if we haven’t already. As Friends, we must continue to build our spiritual power to face these crises. 

Intermountain Yearly Meeting approved a climate minute this year that speaks to these difficult times:

We unite with those who are already experiencing the stresses of this crisis...We know that there is much about these times that can cause us to feel fearful, angry, and helpless. We seek to be gentle with ourselves and one another, to take time for our feelings, seek ways to release our own stress, as we continue the work. At the same time, our integrity insists that we acknowledge our part in causing the current crisis, and accept our responsibility to act.

From a global perspective, Americans have used, and continue to use, a disproportionately large share of fossil fuel resources, while those who are most vulnerable to climate disruptions overwhelmingly bear the negative impacts. Although we are clear that speed is not our only priority, we need to face the reality that there are real tipping points, and our national failures to act are decisions with as much impact as other action choices we can make.

The Kesslers’ show us one way to make an impact. How can you? Let’s dig into our faith and get going.

Hayley Hathaway, Publications Coordinator, Quaker Earthcare Witness