BeFriending Creation

Quarterly newsletter of Quaker Earthcare Witness

Volume 26, Number 3
May - June 2013

How do you live out your faith? In this rich issue of BeFriending Creation, you’ll read about Friends and QEW committees who are actively engaged in the deep work of sharing gifts and leadings with the world. Our first feature article introduces you to Sarah Moon, a successful playwright who brings questions about environmental concerns into the spotlight. In “Continuing the Conversation,” by Judy Lumb, you will learn ways you can stay involved and deepen your connection by participating in Circles of Discernment or Leadings and Concerns groups. Add to this a detailed review of Crisis of Global Sustainability by Mary Gilbert, a thoughtful essay by David Millar, and a beautiful reflection on “QEW: A Nature Walk for All Friends” by Os Cresson, and we have quite an inspiring issue to share with you!

We also have a number of forward-thinking and spirit-stirring messages from Friends in QEW in this issue as well. Anne Mitchell invites you to help QEW consider our organizational vision long-term, and Clerk Shelley Tanenbaum encourages you to join us at QEW’s Earthcare Center at FGC in July. You’ll learn about a special “Gathering for Deeper Relationship with Earth,” which will be held during the FGC Gathering as well. Finally, the QEW Spiritual Nurturance Committee brings forward the “Statement on Unity with Diversity,” to share with Friends.