BeFriending Creation

Quarterly newsletter of Quaker Earthcare Witness

Volume 26, Number 2
March - April 2013

Are you yearning for a trip to a beautiful landscape, where species are thriving and people are actively seeking balance and care in protection of the environment? The March-April issue of BeFriending Creation includes two inspiring articles about Friends' journeys to the Galapagos Islands. You'll also read thoughtful letters from our readers, learn about the UN's sustainable development goals from Mary Gilbert, and be invited to think through the terminology you use to refer to our planet, thanks to a thoughtful essay from Louis Cox.

Also in this issue, you'll hear from about the success of last year's Young Adult Friends Conference at Pendle Hill (and be invited to support this year's effort as well), learn from Os Cresson about the recent trip a number of QEW Friends made to Finca La Bella, catch up with former QEW clerk Barbara Williamson, find inspiration in a poem from Jim Kessler, and see how QEW Mini-Grant recipients have gotten creative with their thank-you notes. We hope this issue inspires you and stirs good thoughts and leadings for the coming season.