Worship Sharing Queries from Summer 2020

QEW hosted a series of online worship sharing sessions in partnership with Friends General Conference this spring. The following queries are from one of those sessions. We hope they speak to your condition.

When George Fox was resolving his personal spiritual seeking that laid the groundwork for the Religious Society of Friends, he is quoted as saying, “This I know experimentally,” meaning this is what he knew from living through his journeys.  

“In the wake of George Floyd’s killing, the Movement for Black Lives—already a massive global force—has succeeded in birthing a phenomenon infinitely larger than itself. It can only be called a ‘Great Awakening’ of empathy and solidarity, one without historical precedent…Tens of millions of Americans are out in the streets protesting for a better way forward, confronting inequity, and turning discomfort into action. Because of their efforts, there is a new consensus emerging. The black folks who have led this movement, many of whom are young people, are literally changing the world—right before our eyes.” Van Jones, CNN, June 2020

  • What do we now know experimentally?  In this time of pandemic and protest, how are we as Friends called to live out our faith?
  • What is your role in what Van Jones is calling the “Great Awakening?”  Are there spiritual practices that are giving you strength and sustenance?
  • What in Friend’s practices is a resource or a challenge for you now?