We Raise our Voices

Women’s Earth & Climate Action Network (WECAN)
Casey Camp-Horinek speaks at the forum lead by the Women’s Earth & Climate Action Network.

ON TUESDAY OF THE GLOBAL CLIMATE ACTION SUMMIT in San Francisco, the Women’s Earth & Climate Action Network (WECAN) sponsored a forum of women from all over the world who are working to create a just and ecological society. These women are activists, creators, indigenous leaders, entrepreneurs, farmers, and advocates.

In the concluding panel, the question was raised as to whether we should support the formal GCAS because it is an environmental counter to the current federal goals and policies, or should we resist and protest the GCAS because it does not go far enough. The speakers offered this advice: for those on the inside, don’t be taken in by false solutions; for those on the outside, offer solutions. Here is a sampling of the richness of that day:

This is no time to sit on the fence— that time is done.  Corinna Gould, Ohlone spokeswoman

The temperature is rising and so are we. Osprey Orielle Lake, WECAN

The system is about making the wealthy wealthier. I’m done with that. Penny Opal Plant, Idle No More Bay Area

Climate change is a manmade problem that requires a feminist solution. Mary Robinson, former president of Ireland

No one puts their children on a boat unless the water is safer than the land.  Jacqueline Patterson, NAACP

I am not afraid because I come from the Earth.  Maria Dorsee

I am unapologetic about my anger about being left such a mess; I am unapologetic about expecting more. We need a green New Deal.  Marissa Zuckerman, Sunrise Movement

We should shift all the oil and gas pipeline workers to water pipes—make them water protectors. Antonia Juhasz, journalist

We are bringing people back to relationship with the land.  Doria Robinson, Urban Tilth and Climate Justice Alliance

It is painful to see negotiations taking place without heart.  Leila Salazar, Amazon Watch

The solutions are so old that they are new. Michelle Cook, Din’e attorney

People farming on less than 2 acres produce 70% of the world’s food.  Elizabeth Kaiser, Regenerative farmer

With every seed they plant, they recover a memory. This is my time to take care of the land.  Dr. Gail Myers, Farms to Grow and Freedom Farmers Market

The Earth does not belong to us; we belong to the Earth. Casey Camp-Horinek, Ponca Nation, Oklahoma

We can’t hear the forest speak anymore (on land destroyed by the Tarsands). We need to decolonize our minds to reaffirm our relationship with mother Earth. Eriel Deranger, Indigenous Climate Action