Water: Reconnecting People of African Descent, 2019 Side-Event Postponed

The WATER: RECONNECTING THE PEOPLE OF AFRICAN DESCENT, UN HIGH LEVEL POLITICAL FORUM 2019 SIDE EVENT is posponed for this year, originally planned for July 16, 2019.
Due to delays in visa processing, low/slow registrations, and other challenges, we are postponing this year's side event in New York during the UN High Level Political Forum for Sustainable development. 

Thank you so much for your continued support of this work, which will continue in the form of webinars, research, outreach, and other collaborations.  If there are questions, comments, or suggestions regarding rescheduling and collaboration, please contact Beverly  (fsearthcare@seymquakers.org).

We greatly appreciate the financial support that has already been provided.  We would like to use donations that have come in this year to allow us to host a 2020 side event on the same topic.  However, if you prefer that your donation be returned to you, please contact Shelley (shelley@quakerearthcare.org).