Together - Caring for Earth

Shelley Tanenbaum
Great Tree

Dear Friends, 

On behalf of our Steering Committee, staff and volunteers, thank you for being part of the Quaker Earthcare Witness network. Your much-needed support allows QEW to work for environmental justice and a right relationship with the Earth. 

Can you make a donation to support Friends’ Earthcare work? We know that each donation comes with moral and spiritual support to continue our work on the environmental crises of our times. 

Even before the global Covid-19 pandemic, we witnessed a growing change in consciousness in both the general public and the Religious Society of Friends—more and more people are recognizing the magnitude of the ecological problems that we are facing, and make effective, spirit-led change. 

Last year, we were able to reach out to growing numbers of Friends, and still meet our budget. This year is filled with uncertainty, but we do know that we will be increasing our virtual tools to connect Friends who care about the Earth. 

We’ll be offering more online webinars and resources this year. In April, we hosted a successful online Steering Committee Meeting of more than 60 Friends from across the US and Canada. We are also hosting monthly online worship sharing opportunities in partnership with Friends General Conference. 

Instead of traveling to Yearly Meetings this year, we’ll be sharing our work virtually through online sessions. Would you like us to “visit” your meeting? We welcome invitations to host virtual adult education sessions for your Meeting. Please share with us how else we can support your meeting in engaging with Earthcare concerns. 

Scientists tell us that we have to make huge structural changes over the next five to ten years to avoid several tipping points. As Friends, we know that this means expanding our sense of spirituality to include interconnections with all facets of the natural world, and listening to Spirit to take collective action. As people of Faith, we are called to this challenge. 

Please consider making a donation to support Quaker Earthcare Witness today. Please do not hesitate to contact me at if you have questions. 

Thanks again for being part of our network. Together we are making a difference in the world. 

In Friendship, 
Shelley Tanenbaum, General Secretary