Support Quaker Earthcare Witness This Season

Shelley Tanenbaum & Hayley Hathaway
Grand Junction Solar


We often travel by train while doing outreach for Quaker Earthcare Witness, both to enjoy the spectacular beauty of the living world at a slower pace and also to cut back on our carbon footprint. If you travel almost anywhere, but especially in the Midwest and prairie states, you will see farmland and rolling hills interspersed with tall, majestic twirling windmills. Feeling a deep connection with our land combined with the promise of renewable energy gives us hope. There are so many options for transforming our world into one that is life-affirming, regenerative, creative, and nurturing. Yet we are losing precious time, currently stalled or moving backwards at the national level in the United States.

Still, many states and local communities continue to move forward, despite national roadblocks. Many households are waking up to the challenge and finding ways to live in harmony with our living world. Our Quaker Earthcare Witness network has been advocating for living in right relationship with each other and our planet for over 30 years. While it has been frustratingly slow, we are starting to make important inroads both within the Society of Friends and beyond in our collaborations with other change-makers.

This year, we have several exciting projects in addition to our ongoing sharing of resources via our website, social media, and publications. We encourage you to share our resources widely, participate in projects as you are led, and make a donation. In the works so far this year, we are:

  • Promoting our recently updated Earthcare for Children curriculum available on our website for your First Day Children’s Program
  • Working closely with a QEW-initiated coalition of people of African descent, collaborating and sharing resources on water rights and availability, leading up to a forum at the United Nations this July
  • Joining NGOs from all over the world calling for regenerative solutions to the climate crises we are facing as part of the Global Climate Action Summit in San Francisco this September
  • Providing mini-grants for hands-on Earthcare projects initiated by Friends’ Meetings and organizations worldwide
  • Creating and hosting the Earthcare Center at the Friends General Conference Gathering for over 1000 Friends from across the country
  • Sharing stories of Earthcare witness and action through our quarterly publication, BeFriending Creation.

We are working to build a stronger network of caring and concerned Friends. The time is now. Please consider making a mid-year donation to help our work. You can give online here or use the enclosed envelope and mail to Quaker Earthcare Witness at P.O. Box 6787 in Albany, CA 94706. We can’t continue this good work without you!

In Friendship,

Shelley Tanenbaum & Hayley Hathaway