Submission Guidelines

We welcome your leadings, inspirations, and articles as part of the ongoing effort of QEW publications! This page tells you a bit about the focus for our current publications and lets you know how to submit your ideas or articles.

BeFriending Creation

ISSN 1050-0332

BeFriending Creation is the printed journal of Quaker Earthcare Witness. We also send a version of BeFriending Creation out to email subscribers. A typical issue might include

  • 3-4 feature articles
  • Updates from the clerk of QEW
  • An article from QEW’s UN representative
  • News and resources from Meetings all across the U.S. and Canada
  • 1-2 book or video reviews
  • Information from the QEW General Secretary
  • Letters from Our Readers

Publishing Schedule

We publish BeFriending Creation quarterly: January-February-March, April-May-June, July-August-September, October-November-December.

To submit something for consideration for BeFriending Creation, please send your submission to our publications coordinator.

Content Considerations

Each issue of BeFriending Creation shares updates, news, and opportunities from Quaker Earthcare Witness. In addition, we welcome feature articles, new items, resources, letters, and more from our readers. Here are the types of articles we’re looking for:

  • Stories that show how Friends and their Meetings have transformed their lifestyles or made spirit-led changes in care for Earth. For an example, see When Will We Wake? by Angela Manno (Volume 26, No 1).
  • Articles sharing items of interest, travels, or concern related to spirit-led action on behalf of the environment. For an example, see Galapagos: Lessons from Finches, Marine Iguanas, and Islands, by Tom Small (Volume 26, No 2).
  • News articles and reflections sharing Friends’ efforts and involvement with other environmental groups and gatherings. For an example, see One Week at Doha, by Oliver Robertson (Volume 26, No 1).
  • Updates Friends can offer in relation to one of QEW’s projects. For example, see Blossoming at Finca La Bella, by Os Cresson (Volume 26, No 2).
  • News of what Friends Yearly, Quarterly, and Monthly meetings, Unity with Nature groups, Peace & Social Concerns committees are doing in accord with QEW goals and objectives.
  • Updates from other Friends organizations (for example, FCNL, QIF, FAHE, AFSC, FWCC, and EWG) on their efforts related to environmental concerns.

Additionally, we welcome the following submitted content and will include it as space permits:

  • News from other spiritually based religious organizations working on behalf of Earth;
  • Reflections or personal narratives sharing what it means to nurture a sense of reverence for Earth or how spirit-led openings have helped the writer live out his or her Earthcare witness;
  • Factual reports on current environmental issues or news items about environmental legislation Friends would be interested in;
  • Reviews or reflections on a book or video that would be of interest to Friends and caring others;
  • Poetry and original artwork or captioned photos

Reprint Requests

If you would like to reprint material from BeFriending Creation, please send an email message to our publications coordinator.