Special Project at FGC's 2013 Gathering

While at the 2013 FGC Gathering, “At the Growing Edges of Our Faith,” in Colorado this year, we are inviting Friends and caring others who have a deep concern for Earth to come together for a very special opportunity. We plan to meet, in the manner of Friends, to examine, and apply Friends faith and practice, perhaps as never before, to explore deeper relationship with self, other, nature, earth, universe--with all life spirit. And, in doing so, shine light on understanding spiritual relationship and provide a reflective and energetic forum that will strengthen and deepen continuing revelation, spiritual unity, peace, and effective deep action, which values the integrity, diversity, and continuity of life on this planet, Earth.

Read more about the developing plans for the event by clicking here. You will be able to review the queries we are using in guiding our visioning of this event and send us any queries you feel led to contribute.

Please use this form to express interest in participating in the gathering. Doing so will also keep you in the loop as further information becomes available about our project.

We will post a registration form as well as we get closer to the event this summer. Questions? Please email eric maya joy.

"Our concern for the Earth is a spiritual one. We feel the need to examine our faith and practice in the context of this concern. We invite and celebrate the Light that each meeting has to shed on this."

– Ben Lomond minute