Resources for these times and an invitation

March 25, 2020

Dear Friends,

We wanted to reach out to you during this stressful and strange time.

We are feeling grateful for QEW's network of Friends across the US and Canada who are taking care of themselves and their communities right now. Thank you.

We are doing our best to open ourselves up to Spirit, listen deeply, and change rapidly.

We've will be hosting our Steering Committee meeting online this spring instead of meeting in person in Durham, NC. Click here to learn more. We're in the midst of creating a new website, which we know will be an online gathering space for all friends who care about the earth. We’re practicing using technology so we can connect with each other virtually with webinars and other online sharing.

On Tuesday, March 31 at 5pm EDT, we’ll be hosting a QEW Online Worship on Zoom. Join us to see new and familiar faces, worship together, share how you are, and get comfortable with the technology. To register, please click the link here.

We’d also like to offer a few resources that could be helpful to you now. We invite you to:

Follow us on Facebook and Instagram

Read our latest issue of BeFriending Creation

Check out our collection of downloadable pamphlets of a range of earth care topics

Find inspiration in our Earthcare for Children curriculum

The global Covid-19 pandemic has reminded us we don’t have to accept “business as usual.” We can work together and care for each other collectively.  We can do hard things. We can create massive, collective shifts in how we do things—and do it fast. This energy and creativity is what we also need to respond to climate disruption. 

We'd encourage all of you to connect with local mutual aid efforts, either to offer support or ask for what you need.

We've been sharing our message of spiritual transformation on behalf of the earth for decades. This is a powerful moment for societal transformation as we see the brutal failings of a system built on colonization and exploitation—this is an opportunity to make widespread changes that will benefit all of life.

Please let us know if there are ways we could be useful to your communities during this time.

See you on Zoom.

Thank you.

Shelley Tanenbaum and Hayley Hathaway
General Secretary and Communications Coordinator, Quaker Earthcare Witness