Reflections from the September 20 Global Climate Strike

On September 20, 2019, people across America left school and work to demand that leaders take action to address the climate crisis. Organized and led by youth in the Climate Strike Coalition, the demonstrations were the largest climate strike in history with 4,500 locations in 150 countries and an estimated 7 million people participating. Keep an eye out for continuing actions. 

“We are striking because business as usual is a death sentence to those already on the front lines of the climate breakdown as well as generations to come. To make it through this crisis we need to tear down the systems that oppress us and rebuild our society to be just, sustainable, and respectful of the interconnected web of life of which we are just one part. We owe it to our planet and to ourselves to fight for a better future with everything that we have.” 

– Sophia Geiger, National Coordinator, Fridays For Future  

“I loved the fact that the strike took place on a weekday, jamming up intersections and forcing everyone else in town to wake up and pay attention. This strike really feels like a turning point for me. The connection to political action, to voter registration, to future actions, and the call to engage with everyone around us on the issue, is what’s new and what’s needed.” 

- Liz Robinson, Central Philadelphia Monthly Meeting

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