QEW United Nations Working Group 2016 Report

QEW United Nations Working Group 2016 Report 

CHRONOLOGY: April, 2016 Steering Committee (SC) Meeting – October 2016 SC Meeting

1. Rod Zwimer passed clerkship of the UNWG to Pamela Boyce Simms at the April, 2016 Steering Committee meeting in Chicago. 

2. Three new members joined the UNWG during the Steering Committee meeting:

  1. Barb Adams
  2. Andrea Bean
  3. Dick Hogan

3. Time & Avocations Inventory - The UNWG membership were queried about:

  1. Their particular interests in United Nations and environmental work,
  2. The amount of time they are able to devote to UNWG work.

4.A UNWG Work Plan and internal group processes were adopted. These systems are intended to enhance UNWG communication, intentionality, and effectiveness.

•A Work Plan (See below and attached) was devised which organizes members work preferences into, 1) Monitoring UN Institutional Process, 2) Network building, and, 3) Highlighting and reporting on key events.

•Conference call protocols are in place which devote time to learning about, honoring, and supporting the individual environmental work of each UNWG member.

5. Two Young Adult Friends joined the UNWG, July, 2016

  1. Aaron Silberman
  2. Lily Bergstein

6. UN WG direct, active engagement in United Nations work and activities - The UNWG is in unity regarding moving beyond its historical “observer reporter” function to engage in more direct work with: the UN organs, NGO Major Groups, NGO networks, and direct organizing of activities.

7. The UNWG proposes to conduct a “Side Event” in support of the Global South around the UN International Decade for People of African Descent.

•A “Circle on the Decade” subgroup of the UNWG has formed to craft a proposal and plan for QEW consideration.

8. Conferences attended and/or organized by UNWG Members:

  1. 3rd World Conference on the World’s Religions,
  2. Friends General Conference Gathering,
  3. United Nations High Level Political Forum (HLPF) and multiple NGO Side Events,
  4. Common Bound Faith Network Conference,
  5. Friends Conference on Religion and Psychology, Joanna Macy –Keynote,
  6. World Social Forum,
  7. Ubuntu Events, Greenfire Healing Biotope. 
  8. QEW Earthcare concerns will be represented at the 2017 Friends General Conference (FGC) Gathering in the Friday evening plenary address offered by the UNWG clerk entitled “Ecojustice, Equality, and Earthcare” – approved by FGC Planning Committee, 10/1/2016.

REORGANIZED UNWG - WORK PLAN OVERVIEW (See attached document for details)


1.Bring a spirit-led Quaker voice to UN deliberations on the environment.

2.Share information about UN, international, and interfaith environmental work with a broad constituency of Friends in Quaker organizations, networks, yearly and monthly meetings throughout the US.

3.Enable our constituency of Friends to share their concerns on environmental issues and inform the UN Working Group process.


MONITOR:  UN Institutional & Framework Issues

1. High Level Political Forum (HLPF)

2. Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition

3. International Chamber of Commerce (ICC 

4. World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD)

5. The Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD)

BUILD:  QEW Networks with International & Interfaith NGOs

1. Global South & Eco-justice

2. Women & Environment

3. Indigenous & Environment

4. Sea Level Rise

5. Youth Environmentalists

HIGHLIGHT: Key Events –via- News Aggregators