QEW Mini-Grant Criteria

Criteria for QEW Mini-Grant Project Awards

  • QEW Mini-Grants support Quaker projects having a primary purpose of benefiting the environment and/or promoting environmental awareness and education among Friends and the larger spirit-led world.

  • All ideas that support QEW values will be considered, but we especially encourage projects that directly address climate change and those that will involve young people.

  • Friends' organizations in any country -- whether a school, meeting or other group -- are eligible to apply for these annual awards, up to a maximum of $500. Partnerships with non-Quaker groups in the community are encouraged.

  • Applicants submit an application including: activities, budget, timeline, and benefits. Applicants are expected to match the mini-grant with an equal amount from their own funds. However, groups with limited financial means can also apply, adding an explanation of their financial limitations.

  • Mini-grant applicants generally apply for one-year one-time projects. However, applications for multiyear projects with renewal applications anticipated, will be considered as long as they are clearly stated up front.

  • Projects which substantially involve the participants in the planning and execution will be favorably considered. Generally, services and labor are not funded by mini- grants.

  • A mini-grant check can be sent only to a Friends' organization, not an individual. Please give the name and address of your financial officer/treasurer.

  • Mini-grant recipients agree to document their project, sending a progress report no later than 6 months after receiving the funds, attaching digital photos where possible.

  • Submit your application any time of the year. We usually respond within a month of receiving your complete application package.
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