QEW By-Laws

BY-LAWS approved September 30, 1989 at the FCUN Annual Meeting held at Chelsea, Michigan;

And amended October 10, 1998 at the FCUN Annual Meeting held at Temescal Canyon, California; amended October, 2001 at the FCUN Annual Meeting held at Hesperus, Colorado; amended October 2003 at the Quaker Earthcare Witness Annual Meeting held at Nevada City, California; amended October 2004 at the Quaker Earthcare Witness Annual Meeting held at Burlington, New Jersey; amended October 2007 at the Quaker Earthcare Witness Annual Meeting held at Burlington, Vermont; amended October 2008 at the Quaker Earthcare Witness Annual Meeting held at Atlanta, Georgia; amended October 2011 at the Quaker Earthcare Witness Annual Meeting held in Chicago, Illinois; and amended January 2013 at the Quaker Earthcare Witness Annual Meeting held electronically.

Name The name of the organization is Quaker Earthcare Witness

[formerly known as Friends Committee on Unity with Nature (FCUN)].

Article I.  Conducting Business

We will conduct the business of this organization in the manner of the Religious Society of Friends.  Decisions are made by a sense of the meeting in the manner of Friends of those in attendance.

We will maintain a manual of procedures titled “In Practice” that has been developed from minuted decisions as a guide to participants.

Article II.  Membership

Any one who is a recorded member or a recognized participant in a Friends Meeting or other Friends organization who expresses or demonstrates a commitment to Quaker Earthcare Witness’s Statement of Purpose, supports Quaker Earthcare Witness activities through participation, communication, and/or financial contribution, and relates

Quaker Earthcare Witness’s goals and activities to Friends and to other religious and/or environmental organizations can be a member of QEW.

A Steering Committee is comprised of members sent as representatives from yearly meetings and selected by the Steering Committee as at-large members.

Article III. Meetings

Section 1. Functions

The Steering Committee meets to attend to the activities and affairs of the organization.

Section 2. Site location and dates

The dates and locations of Steering Committee meetings shall be determined by the Steering Committee.

Section 3. Annual Meeting

The Annual Meeting shall take place once a year to comply with national and state regulations requiring corporations to have at least one organizational meeting each year.  The date and place of the meeting will be determined by the Steering Committee. This meeting may be held electronically with the Continuing Counsel Committee representing the organization as a whole.

Section 4. Decisions in Meetings

Decisions in meetings shall be made according to a sense of the meeting, after the manner of the Religious Society of Friends. Minutes of all meetings shall be recorded and kept on file.

Article IV. Officers of the Organization

Section 1. Selection

The officers of the organization shall be the clerk, incoming alternate clerk or mentoring alternate clerk, recording clerk or clerks as needed, and treasurer.

Section 2. Duties

The duties of the officers shall be those generally performed by such officers.

Section 3. Compensation

Persons shall not receive compensation for serving as officers.

Article V. Committees, Working Groups, Projects

Committees, working groups and projects, approved by the Steering Committee, will be formed to focus on particular areas of our work.

Continuing Counsel Committee will consist of the clerks of the committees, working groups and projects, the officers (Clerk, Assistant Clerk, Recording Clerk or Clerks as needed and Treasurer) and staff (General Secretary and Publications Coordinator). The Continuing Counsel will meet more often than the Steering Committee to assist in the business of the organization between meetings of the Steering Committee.

Article VII. Fiscal Matters

Section 1. Assets

The assets of this organization are irrevocably dedicated to educational and religious purposes. On the termination of this organization, its assets after payment of all debts and liabilities shall be transferred to a non-profit educational or religious organization of similar concern or intent.

Article VIII. Amendments to the By-laws

Section 1. Amendments

These by-laws may be amended at the Annual Gathering of the Steering Committee. A draft of proposed changes to the by-laws shall have been sent to the members of the Steering Committee thirty days prior to the Annual Gathering.