QEW at 30 – Way Forward


This year marks QEW’s 30th anniversary. Our October 19-22 Steering Committee meeting will focus on where Spirit is leading us. We will also be celebrating our history of inspiring Friends to act on our spiritual connection with the natural world, with thanks to the many Friends who have been part of the journey. We will seek way forward to build a sustainable and life-enhancing future in these challenging times.

Whether you are hearing about QEW for the first time or you have been with us from the beginning epiphany at the 1987 FGC Gathering when Marshall Massey spoke about Earthcare, all are welcome. We are meeting at Pendle Hill in the Philadelphia area. There will be multiple ways to connect with old and new Friends, participate in worship and worship-sharing, hear about current projects, plan programs for the future and celebrate. Register and see the draft agenda here. Contact our General Secretary with questions: shelley@quakerearthcare.org. Funding is available for young Friends, Steering Committee members, and those in need.

We will also be celebrating this anniversary with our November-December issue of BeFriending Creation. Write to hayley@quakerearthcare.org by October 10th with your stories about how QEW’s work has impacted your life, or how your work with QEW has impacted your community.