Organizational Structure

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Quaker Earthcare Witness Committees and Working Groups

There are three main groupings within QEW's organization:

    1. Standing Committees who oversee basic organizational functions
    2. Working groups who oversee issues of interest
    3. Project groups who oversee special projects

Standing Committees include

    • Steering Committee
    • Continuing Counsel
    • Outreach Committee
    • Spiritual Nurturance Committee
    • Personnel Committee
    • Finance Committee
    • Publications Committee
    • Nominating Committee

    Working Groups are

    • Sustainability: Faith & Action Working Group
    • Population Working Group
    • UN Working Group
    • FCNL Working Group
    • No Name Working Group

    Project Groups include

    • Mini-Grants
    • The Finca la Bella Committee, which oversees Finca La Bella ("The Beautiful Farm") Project in the San Luis Valley of Costa Rica.

    In between face-to-face meetings, these groups conduct their business by mail, e-mail, conference telephone calls, and other media. Many other ecological issues, including energy, agriculture, genetic engineering, climate change, traditional wisdom, new cosmology, etc. are being addressed informally by individual QEW members who feel especially led to work on those concerns.