Mobilizing Quakers Everywhere

By Angela Manno

“Eco-spirituality & Action” Webinar and Classroom Course

In the words of eco-philosopher Joanna Macy, “Things are getting worse and worse and better and better, faster and faster!” The innumerable threats to the health, integrity, and diversity of life on our beautiful planet are intensifying, and at the same time, the world is awakening to this situation and humanity’s obligations and opportunity to protect and nurture our world into the future.

How are Friends called to respond to this superhuman challenge? What is the new understanding of humanity’s place and role in the unfolding of creation that can help us engage creatively in this unprecedented period of crisis and opportunity? What are the practices and principles of this new awareness?

“Eco-spirituality & Action,” the seven-week course that led to the 2007 NYYM Peace with Earth Minute ( has been updated and will be held as an interactive webinar and classroom course in 2017, taught by longtime QEW supporter and earthcare advocate Angela Manno.

The goal is nothing less than mobilizing the entire Quaker community throughout the world to take bold and concerted action. Through multimodal learning techniques and reference to established Friends witnesses and testimonies, we will gain a new sense of our identity within the cosmos and the Earth Community and learn and engage new powers for action as Friends and as a conscious mode of the living planet.

To allow the webinar to be free of charge, Quaker Earthcare Witness is accepting financial contributions from individuals and funding groups. Please send tax-deductible contributions to Quaker Earthcare Witness, earmarked for the “Eco-spirituality & Action Webinar Series,” to  P.O. Box 6787, Albany, CA 94706.
Please stay tuned for dates and times. In the meantime, check this link for more information and updates: