Inside Quaker Earthcare Witness & A Message From the Clerk's Desk Jan-Feb-March 2019

Dear Friend,

OK, but what does Quaker Earthcare Witness REALLY DO?” Years ago, when asked that question, I would try to articulate something about a really good online presence. Now I can talk about all the amazing things that our staff and our Yearly Meeting Representatives are doing across the nation, but that still does not capture all of what we do.

Friends in QEW bring a spiritual presence to earthcare work. We work within the structure and support of Quaker testimonies. What we are seeking is yet bigger than that. It is connected to what we do in worship, the surrender, the struggle to listen, the reassurance of an energy greater than our own, both through the community and through the Light.

There are days when I do not even know the questions, much less have any clear answers. There are days when this work is frustrating and discouraging.

Then there are the days that make it all worthwhile. I had such a day in the last meeting for business where I am an attender. The plan was to begin discernment on the Spiritual State of the Meeting report, but one of the Ministry and Council Clerks said we were going take time to discern where we are as a meeting on climate change. The first person to speak referenced the recent Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report, and the urgency of the work now. Others spoke about their concerns and the importance of our work as a meeting community. One of the last two who spoke said she was feeling like she had wakened to the reality of climate change, and knew that it will need the actions of the entire meeting. The last person said, “Not only actions, but a change of consciousness.”

What does Quaker Earthcare Witness really do? We are Quakers working for the healing of the earth and all life on earth, and we are motivated by love.

Mary Jo Klingel,
Clerk, Quaker Earthcare Witness


Our QEW Yearly Meeting Representatives are reaching out to monthly meetings to offer resources and support for Earthcare action. Do you know who your Yearly Meeting Representative is and would you like to connect with them? Send an email to

The Population Working Group updated their pamphlet Friends’ Witness on Population, are researching the ecological limits to human population, and are organizing conversations with young adults on questions of childrearing.

Our Mini-Grant Committee wants you to apply for a mini-grant to fund your earthcare project. They’ve produced a new flyer with all the info you need to apply, which you can download at

QEW’s Continuing Council Committee is tasked with doing the official business of the organization between our fall and spring Steering Committee meetings. The Committee met on Saturday, January 26. They approved a somewhat higher 2019 budget, which included additional funds for staff healthcare coverage and allocated $3,000 from last year’s budget surplus as the seed money for a new website.

Each month 35 QEW Friends make a sustaining donation that allows us to be a Quaker voice for Earthcare. It is easy! You decide how much you want to contribute each month and let us know—we can set this up with your credit card or you can set it up with your bank. Monthly donations range from $10-190. It is very helpful for QEW to have sustained income that we can rely on throughout the year. If you can join these 35 treasured Friends, please contact our General Secretary, Shelley Tanenbaum (, 510-542-9606).