Friendly Landscapes for Birds, Soil Organisms, Pollinators, and People

permaculture example

Thank you for coming to this site to share in our discoveries regarding how to create environmentally healthy landscapes for the earth. In this time of uncertain weather patterns, global warming, rising waters, species extinction, and community disruption, we seek greater understanding of the essential relationships between soil, plants, insects, birds, other animals, and human communities. And since the use of fossil fuels by human beings must inevitably be reduced, we seek to promote more local growing of food. As we develop this site, we encourage you to add your own knowledge and experience to it.

Here’s what you will find in “Friendly Landscapes for Birds, Soil Organisms, Pollinators, and People”:

=  An exploration of the relationships between insects and plants, explaining why native plants work best in the ecosystem.

=  Information about pollinators, both their vital role for humans and other species, and the danger they are in now.

=  Permaculture: a design system for planting and living.

=  Forest gardens: a seven-layered plan for your edible garden.

=  The “Food not Lawns” movement, also known as “No-Mow Landscaping” or “Shrinking Your Lawn.”

=  Urban agriculture: what you can do in your town or city to have food security for all, now and in the future.

=  Action plans for Friends' Houses of Worship and for individual homes and communities.

=  Links to other websites in all of these areas.