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Many Friends have begun to consider the idea of divestment as a statement that is consistent with Quaker values. Friends are not alone in this consideration, as several denominations are considering the same, and students at colleges and universities across the country are doing so as well.

But there is something that sets Friends apart in our consideration of this option among the things we can do to address the issue of climate change. Following the tradition of queries, we ask Friends to consider these queries, first and foremost:

  1. Are we as Friends able to, in good conscience and in line with Quaker principles, able to continue to profit from investments in an industry whose products are clearly destructive to the ecosystem, and which has aggressively blocked change from their products to clean, renewable energy for decades?
  2. Do Friends understand that the damages from human induced climate change will continue to occur on an increased basis and with increasing intensity if greenhouse gas emissions continue unabated? And do Friends truly understand that the results of unabated greenhouse gas emissions are now the single most dangerous threat to all life on the planet?
  3. Is it possible for Friends to have a serious conversation about climate change if we’re not divested? Isn't there a difference between being captive to a system that keeps us using fossil fuels, and willfully profiting from investments in that industry?

Here on the website of Fossil Free Friends, we consider these questions, and having found clarity in responding to them, we wish to provide other Friends with information, encouragement, and resources that will help you as you bring this concern to your Meeting.

Many people who have been concerned about the effects of human induced climate change are seeking things that they can do to make their lives reflect the changes that they see as crucial to the survival of life on the planet. We at Fossil Free Friends do not look at divestment as the one single silver bullet in addressing the issue of climate change--far from it. But it is one thing that we can do now, and it is one thing that speaks to our principles, just as refusing to profit from the slave trade, or more recently from tobacco, alcohol, weapons, prison or gambling companies reflects our values.

What you will find in this Fossil Free Friends section of the QEW website:

  1. Friends and our history of investing with integrity
  2. Is it time for a fossil fuel screen for Friends’ investments?
  3. Divestment/reinvestment as a strategy of hope
  4. Starting the climate change conversation: first steps for Friend's communities
  5. Move your money and protect the planet: Reinvestment options
  6. The worst offenders--Cleaning out your portfolio
  7. Frequently asked questions (FAQ)
  8. Quaker schools and the campus fossil fuel divestment movement
  9. Resources
  10. Sample minutes and epistles