Contribute Today: A Quaker Voice for Climate Change

December 5, 2017


When Friends in Monteverde, Costa Rica experienced the wrath of Hurricane Nate this past October, they were flooded out. Mudslides destroyed their homes and they were cut off from supplies and electricity after twenty-three inches of rain fell over just two days. A bridge collapsed, isolating Friends for a week, yet they rallied together with daily community meetings, meetings for worship, and countless acts of sharing food, housing, supplies and emotional support.

This kind of mutual support is what a Quaker response to climate change looks like. And Quaker Earthcare Witness is here to help show the world a way toward a resilient and creative transition. 

Can you help us support Friends’ response to climate change by making a donation to Quaker Earthcare Witness today? Click here to contribute.

For 30 years, we have worked to help Friends integrate Earthcare into their daily lives. As the earth gets hotter and our communities are being impacted more and more, we feel an even greater weight to share our witness. 

Join us in working together to call forth our shared vision of a better world. We envision a world that takes as its guiding principles the ultimate value of clean, fresh water and healthy air for all beings; a world that sustains healthy ecosystems; a world that treasures our spiritual connection to the natural world, so that we grow accordingly in depth and breadth, and a world that embraces environmental justice at its core.

We already have much of the technology that is needed to transform our vision into reality, but technology alone will not create the kind of vision we are seeking. That will require a spiritual shift in awareness, one that values ecological integrity and social justice as guiding lights. Help us make this a reality and give today.

We create our vision with the light we shine. We tell your story and stories from Friends and Meetings throughout North America – lifting up and inspiring actions such as:

  • Friends helping to end fracking (May/June Befriending Creation),
  • Supporting the Our Children’s Trust brief, where 21 youth have sued the Federal government for not doing enough about climate change,
  • Sponsoring an international forum on food sovereignty in the African Diaspora (July at the UN, articles in the July/August and Nov/Dec Befriending Creation),
  • Distributing guides on how to talk about climate change (July/August Befriending Creation), and
  • Providing mini-grants for national and international hands-on projects. 

Our network is growing stronger as Friends look for community and support as we all wrestle with the grim realities of our changing world and seek hope and concrete action. Next year we plan to:

  • Distribute a revised Earthcare curriculum for children and adults,
  • Sponsor an international forum on water concerns in the African diaspora,
  • Produce four expanded issues of our timely and informative publication, Befriending Creation, showcasing spirit in action,
  • Offer speakers on environmental education and advocacy,
  • Provide resources on climate, environmental justice, and population, and
  • Speak out as a Quaker voice for Earthcare.

Most importantly, we seek spiritual guidance to propel us on our Earthcare journey with fortitude and loving kindness. This year, Quaker Earthcare Witness turned 30 years old. Can you help us create a spiritually attuned and loving world with a 30 percent increase in your giving? Whatever level of giving is right for you, your support is greatly appreciated!

Toward a Better Future, 

Stan Becker, Clerk, & Shelley Tanenbaum, General Secretary

PS. To make a donation, you can make a secure donation online here  or write and send a check to Quaker Earthcare Witness, P.O. Box 6787 Albany, CA 94706. Thank you.