From the Clerk's Table: January, February, March 2021

Mary Jo Klingel
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“The Dakota Lakes Research Farm’s primary goal is to identify, research and demonstrate methods of strengthening and stabilizing the agriculture economy... We work with Mother Nature to ensure land is protected, fertile and produces yields to feed the world for many generations to come. This practice results in maintaining and encouraging living soils, clean water, healthy foods and ample wildlife.”

If you show up for dinner at my house, please know that the dinner conversation may include talk about high quality cover crops, beneficial fungi, and ways to get worms delivered successfully by mail. Although I do not own a farm, I am fascinated by regenerative agriculture. What is most interesting to me is that there is a growing and energetic community of farmers who are working with Earth and cooperating in learning how to best care for the land, the plants, and the animals. They are well aware of the history of chemical damage to the soil that has its roots in the dominator mentality of “It’s my land and I will do whatever makes me the most money from it.”

These farmers are teaching us all that a model of community and cooperation provides better food, greater satisfaction, more income for farmers, and a return to values that go deeper than how much money can be made with the “right” pesticides. All around us, I see slow, deliberate changes that shift us toward values that are completely congruent with Quaker testimonies. I see humans waking up, perhaps at the eleventh hour, to the joy and nourishment that come from working in community, with integrity, recognizing and strengthening the Light in all of us.

Thanks to Carol Barta, who taught us about regenerative agriculture at our QEW Gathering in the Spring of 2020. Thanks to all the farmers who are caring for the land.

Mary Jo Klingel, Clerk