BeFriending Earth: an Introduction to Earth Literacy

Mary Jo Klingel

PLEASE CONSIDER INVITING Brad Stocker from Miami Monthly Meeting to offer an Earth Literacy Workshop at your monthly, quarterly, or yearly meet­ing.

When Brad offered his workshop at Palm Beach Meeting, the Meeting just north of me, I knew I would be going. Friends asked me why: wasn’t I literate enough about the Earth? I didn’t have a reasonable answer. I just knew I needed to go.

It was a fine workshop, well worth attending. Brad is a good teacher, well informed and easy to listen to. His messages about caring for our Earth resonated with the workshop participants. That was all good, but it was not what made the workshop memorable.

What made the workshop magical is that we played. Really, we played like kids.

It took me a while to relax into the day. I arrived as I do at most environmental workshops: things are worsening, perhaps catastrophic, and I must be very serious and productive. I had to adjust to the sur­prise of having fun. When I was able to relax, I could see that there is a sweetness to be felt, inside us and around us. We can slow down enough to see the magic in one another and the Earth. The meta-message is that we have enough time to be present to beauty. We have time to remember what it is like to be a little child and fall in love with a snowflake or a leaf or a chip­munk.

The workshop gave us gifts on many levels, includ­ing balancing the learning of the mind and the learning of the heart. The best part was going outside and re­connecting with the joy and beauty freely given by our lovely green planet-home.

To schedule a workshop, you can reach Brad by phone at 305 661 5954 or by e-mail at brstocker@ya­ Please put Earth Literacy on the subject line to identify your request.