Apply for a QEW Mini-Grant

Quaker Earthcare Witness encourages and supports Friends groups, meetings, and organizations that are looking for ways to enhance their practical and spiritual relationship with Earth. We offer $500 matching grants to help Friends complete eco-friendly projects. Deadlines for applications are May 1 and October 1. To apply for a QEW Mini-Grant, follow these steps:

  1. Download the Mini-Grant Application (attached at the bottom of this page) and complete the Project Information Form.
  2. Submit a project description, which must include an itemized budget, description of activities, and timeline for completion. Please limit this to no more than two pages (approximately 500
  3. Include a signed statement from your treasurer, stating the total cost of your project and that your meeting/church/ organization will match the amount of the requested mini-grant.
  4. Using MS Word or standard PDF format, email materials to Maia Wolff at no later than May 1 or October 1.