2015 QEW Mini-Grant Report

2015 Mini-report from Mini-Grants Working Group

The following grants were made in 2015:

  • Grinnell Friends Church, Iowa:  We helped the church create a pollinator garden at  a crossroads in front of the church. 
  • Westtown Monthly Meeting, PA: Through the MM we provided funding for a student at Westtown School to go with classmates to Mexico to participate in a  Quaker eco-leadership program.
  • Quaker Oaks Farm Visalia, CA: We helped sponsor a workshop at the farm, taught by members of the Wukchumni Nation in the use of  native plants.
  • Pro-Nica,FL:   A canal was proposed to go from the Atlantic to the Pacific in Nicaragua, putting native plants and animals at risk.  We supported a flora/fauna survey, noting imperiled species along the canal routes.
  • Dzaleka Friends Concern, through Burlington, VT MM: A group of African Quakers fleeing war at home are interned at the Dzaleka Refugee Camp in Malawi.  They have begun a community garden to grow food to supplement what the UN provides, and to sell at the camp's market places.  We were able to help.