External Resources

QEW Display: Fossil Free Friends

Use the files on this page to download, print, and assemble a display on the topic of Friends and divestment. Our display includes BeFriending Creation, Volume 26, Number 6, which was guest edited by Paula Kline of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting and Tom Jackson, of Dover Friends Meeting.

Use the photo on the right for suggestions on how you might arrange the information on the display board.

And be sure to email Katherine and request pamphlets to go along with your display!

QEW in a Box: Meeting Resources

QEW in a Box is a collection of pages--saved in PDF or Word format--you can download and have printed for a tabletop display you create for your local or Yearly Meeting. Each file includes all pages you need, along with an instruction sheet to help you put it all together. 

Another helpful outreach resource is the QEW Toolkit. Download it here