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The Earthcare Witness Toolkit is a collection of resources designed to help you learn about Earthcare concerns, discern your own leadings in specific Earthcare areas, reduce consumption, save energ
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AMIDST THE 2016 END-OF-YEAR bad news all around, you might have missed this: utility-scale solar is now the least expensive way to install new sources of electricity.
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FOUR YEARS AGO, the Southeastern Yearly Meeting (SEYM) Earthcare Committee (EcC) brought forth a Minute on Climate Change that was approved the 14th day of the fourth month, 2014, which reads in pa
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My name is Hayley Hathaway and I am QEW’s new publications coordinator. Katherine Murray and I have been working together during the transition and I am grateful for her help.
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QEW PLANS AND PROJECTS are well underway or about to be launched as we face rapidly changing earthcare politics and policies in 2017.
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Katherine Murray has been our publications coordinator for the past four years. She is leaving our employment to move onto another path in her life.
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In 2014, the QEW Mini-Grants committee was happy to make the following grants:
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Applications for QEW
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“Eco-spirituality & Action” Webinar and Classroom CourseIn the words of eco-philosopher Joanna Macy, “Things are getting worse and worse and better and better, faster and faster!” The
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The gathering at Standing Rock, with more than 280 indigenous tribes represented, is historic and has been an inspiration to all of us.
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To Quaker Earthcare Witness,
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Your year-end gifts matter a great deal! Please donate here, and thank you!
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A note from Katherine: After four great years as the QEW Publications Coordinator, I am sad to say that I’ve felt led to resign my position.
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If you have editorial skills and the time and passion to invest in environmental and sustainability issues, you may find this volunteer opportunity interesting.
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July 29, 2016To Quaker Earthcare Witness
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Quaker Earthcare Witness ( is looking for a Publications Coordinator (half
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Several QEW Friends have been guests on Northern Spirit Radio, an online media organization with this stated mission: "NSR promotes
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Is tender care of Earth a growing concern in your meeting? Are you looking for ways to nurture reflection and action in your meeting that will inspire better care of our planet?
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For a warm week in July, a roomful of Friends met at Regis University in Denver to mutually support research and projects on climate, social justice, eco-spirituality, energy, and economics.
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Friends General Conference is always an intense experience, but one never knows how that will manifest. In preparation for FGC, I made posters for the QEW Center, one of which was on Eco-Justice.