QEW Displays: Take QEW to your Yearly Meeting

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Summer is upon us! And that means for lots of opportunities to share QEW information at our Yearly Meetings. We thought we'd do our best to make displays easy for you to create and assemble so you can spread the word as spirit leads. On this page, you'll find links that will give you what you need to put together your own displays, using the text and pictures we use on the display boards we take to large gatherings, like FGC and FUM.

  • We've already got the QEW in a Box materials (you'll find the link in the Resources sidebar on the right) for you to download and print as you are so led.
  • Our first set of display materials is about Fossil Free Friends, encouraging Friends to be thoughtful about their investment choices. As you will see from the posted materials, good things are happening here!